Friday, 24 October 2014

Automatic setting, P, Av, Tv, or M? 

Now most of the camera we buy is a digital camera. We can directly see what we put on a photo, and it's easy to use.   The most of us use the Automatic setting, and the camera then adjust itself.  
You do not have to think about diafragma, shutterspeed, and sharpnes or anything..... just click.. 
I use to be one of those persons that to make it easy, just left the camera on Automatic, and didn't look in to the other settings.  I was thinking it is to complicated, I will not manage, and it take to long.  This was excuses I was making to myself several times, until I finally took the step to change.

Here I give you some small information of what the diff.letters on the command dial means.  The following blogs will show what I learned about the different stands in practice, and how and when to use the settings.

Automatic (green rectangle in the photo above)

By using the Automatic setting, the camera will automatic choose all your camera settings. 

P (Program AE mode)
When you use P, you are able to change a few setting.  The camera will automatic pick all other settings that are needed for your picture, such as diafragma (apperture) and the shutter speed according to the basic program. 

TV (Shutter priority AE mode)
The camera will set the shutter speed for you.  You will have to choose the diafragma..

 AV (Aperture priority AE mode) 
The camera will set the diafragma for you. You will have to choose the shutter speed. 

M (Metered Manual mode)

You will have to set both the diafragma and the shutter speed completely manually.

B (Bulb)
In this mode the shutter will remain open for as long as you keep the shutter release button pressed down.
When you’re in P mode, your camera will show you which aperture and shutter speed settings it has decided to use for your picture. This can be really helpful when you don’t know much about manual settings. Instead of guessing which aperture and shutter combination will work in manual mode, you can shoot in P mode for a little while, take some notes, and then use the same settings in manual mode. You’ll get the same picture! - See more at:

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